3 Recruiting Strategies to Attract Talent


Hiring during the past 18-months of the pandemic has been a bit challenging to say the least. And it may get even more challenging as the war for talent heats up. As a recruiter or HR professional, the pressure is on you to find qualified talent that fits your organization, and it’s more complicated than ever. That’s why you must think strategically and execute new strategies to find the people that will lift your firm to new heights. Your firm is counting on you. If you’re stuck, consider these three recruiting and hiring strategies:

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Firms that do not work on their employer brand will miss out on a long-term strategy for attracting new candidates. A good employer brand will keep the right-fit candidates coming into your pool of applicants and will repel the misfits. 

So what is an employer brand? It’s how your employees and candidates feel about your firm. Every touch-point makes up your employer brand--from the very first moment a candidate sees your job posting, reads your Glassdoor reviews, interviews with you, or joins your firm. The entire experience is what builds your employer brand, and you can be intentional about building it. Read this article I wrote about 11 ways to build your employer brand

Be Honest About Your Firm and the Position

Don’t sugarcoat your firm or the job. In the job posting and throughout the interview process, be honest about the position and firm. If you’re sugarcoating any of it, people will eventually see through it, and it will only damage your reputation and cause turnover if they join your firm and it doesn’t match their expectations.  Do yourself a favor and be real with people. It will save you time and money long-term. 

Ask COVID-Related Interview Questions

As I wrote earlier, the last 18 months have been a bit crazy for all of us. So ask your candidates about it. There is a lot you can learn about them by asking how COVID has impacted their life. Here are some of my favorite COVID-related interview questions to ask candidates:

  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your career and your goals?
  • What has the pandemic taught you about yourself?
  • What are your expectations about remote work or flexible work options?

We all went through the pandemic, so asking COVID-related questions such as these shows empathy and helps build a connection with candidates.

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