3 Time Management Hacks to Get Through Year-End

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Regardless of your industry, profession, or firm, the end of the year tends to be chaotic. The convergence of year-end tax and personal obligations due to the holidays makes us all a little crazy.

Now is the time to get control of your work and schedule and keep everything in order. Here are three hacks to implement so you can take back control of your life.

Time Block Your Tasks

Have you ever wrote down a list of everything you need to get done both at work and home and come to the realization there's not enough time in the day to do everything? Try this:

  1. In one column, write a list of everything you need to do
  2. In a second column, write down how long the task will take
  3. Sort tasks by priority or completion date
  4. Schedule time in your digital calendar and block out the time to complete the tasks

This method alone will help you get things done faster and help you feel better about your workload.

Protect Your Calendar

Your calendar is YOUR time. Your performance and ability to produce results depend on you utilizing your time appropriately. So protect your calendar in every way possible.

  • Don't accept unnecessary meetings, such as networking meetings until you have the time for them.
  • Opt-out of meetings you don't need to be at. Request an agenda in advance if it's not clear whether you need to contribute or not.
  • Reduce meeting times. When an hour is scheduled, you'll almost always fill up an hour. Default to 15 minutes or 30-minute meetings to start.

Check Email in Intervals

Email is one of the biggest time wasters out there. Don't let others' emergencies hijack your time. Check email in intervals throughout the day (see time blocking above!). Most importantly, don't start your day by checking email. Start your day with your most challenging or highest priority task.

There are countless other ways to manage your time more effectively, but these three items alone will help you get through the 2020 year-end.

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