3 Ways to Find a Firm That Aligns with Your Values

Career Development

It’s an employee market right now, and life is too short to settle for an employer who doesn’t share the same values as you. If you’re currently on the market for a new career, here are three ways you should explore whether or not a potential employer shares your values.

Website and Social Media Accounts

You can learn a lot about an organization by their information on their digital assets, such as a website or social media accounts. Because I value people and relationships, I look for pictures of people, value statements that suggest they care about their people, and other things that show they put people above all else. 

You may value something else, so look for the essential signs throughout the organization’s web properties to determine fit.

Community Involvement

Another sign to look for is how the organization is involved in the community. What events and organizations they sponsor and donate to, who they do business with, and whether or not they volunteer and give back to the community.

Job Postings

Lastly, job postings are a quick snapshot of what you can expect in the organization. Values-based organizations almost ALWAYS share their values in the job posting; that information will give you a vivid picture of what to expect on the job and workplace. If this information is missing, consider that a red flag and move on if you’re so inclined.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time determining whether or not an organization aligns with your values if you use these three tools to evaluate alignment.

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