3 Ways to Tighten Your Workplace Culture During the Health Crisis


The health crisis has fragmented many workforces. Most traveled to a physical office and could be together for in-person meetings, accidental interactions (water cooler), department meetings, and events, and now it seems like it’s improbable that most organizations will have that for a long time.

The worry for many in leadership and HR is that the workplace culture will negatively take a hit.

Fortunately, there are still ways to tighten your culture, even in these times. Try these three initiatives.

Company Book Club

Learning plus cross-department collaboration–what could be better!?

Have someone from your team lead and facilitate a book club, preferably something related to what you do as an organization, business, personal development, or something positive. Try the book What’s Going Well? The Question That Changes Everything to inject positivity and gratitude into your organization.

Management Learning Groups

In times like these, the leaders and managers are the linchpins that hold the organization together. Managers must work together, share information, knowledge, personnel challenges, and wins with each other. If you have a large middle management team, try breaking into sub-groups of 4-5 people across departments and meeting monthly virtually with a meeting agenda. Set ground rules and make it a safe space for people to open up without fear of breach of confidence.

Highlight Your People

Recognize your people. Show appreciation both in private and public. Showcase your people and highlight the great work they are doing. Celebrate them for their contributions during good times and challenging ones. When you highlight your people, it brings everyone closer together. Here are a few ideas:

  • Interview employees in short 5-10 minute segments, record it and share with all employees. Use it as a get-to-know-you initiative.
  • Start a formal recognition program, or set aside 10 minutes in every team meeting for public recognition and appreciation.
  • Start a Kudoboard for work anniversaries, birthdays, and career milestones.

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