3 Workplace Trends in 2021


It’s that time of the year again where we make predictions and resolutions for the upcoming year. There’s no doubt that most of us want to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror, so let’s look forward to 2021. Let’s look at a few different workplace issues that will likely be top of mind for employers.

What is the future of remote work?

The biggest question is related to remote work and whether it will continue or not. Many white-collar employers made the shift to remote work during the health crisis. Some employees thrive while others struggle with remote work.

Our prediction: If it’s safe enough to bring employees back to the office in 2021, most employers will take a hybrid approach to remote work rather than making it a requirement.

Will employees get new perks?

The needs of employees and prospective employees are changing year-to-year, and the health crisis brought on many new challenges for employees, such as wage freezes, daycare issues, equipment needs, flexibility needs, etc. Employers will need to take an active approach to offer employees unique perks to keep employees and attract new talent.

Our prediction: The best employers will ask employees what they need and take an active approach to offering custom perks for employees, like remote work options, flexible hours, daycare reimbursement, etc. In the hiring process, hiring managers will customize perks to attract new talent.

Will teams ever be close again?

Teams took a big step back this year due to the health crisis. In many ways, technology makes it easier than ever to connect with people, but it’s not a replacement for being in person. In 2020, employers that had good workplace cultures and close-knit teams watched it slowly deteriorate.

Our prediction: Employers and HR staff will spend resources on team building and make a big push for making sure our teams are communicating and working together effectively.

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