4 Ways to Strengthen Your Employer Brand


A strong employer brand will attract new talent, keep great employees, and turn away those that aren’t a fit for the organization.

There are countless ways to strengthen an employer brand, and here are a few quick ways to get started.

Integrate your Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) into all of your people practices.

Many organizations have MVV but do nothing with it. They hired a consultant to help them create the MVV, then they put it in a binder, and it now sits on a shelf collecting dust. Integrate your MVV into everything you do, including recognition programs, employee handbook, performance evaluations, one on one meetings, team meetings, all team meetings, etc.

Encourage your people to be active on social media as representatives of the brand.

Your employees are your best marketers, both of the consumer-facing brand and the employer brand. When you reinforce the MVV and give them the tools and autonomy to talk about your culture and products, that’s when the magic happens. Encourage your people to be active on social media, speak positively about the brand, and add value to their networks through thought leadership.

Have a group of non-leaders leading culture work

Create a group of 4-5 people who are non-leaders by title and have them be the employees’ voice and an extension of the leadership team. It will keep leaders closer to employees and strengthen the bond between these two groups. As I like to call this group, the culture team can continually add programs and activities to enhance the culture.

Build a recognition program based on your company’s values

Is one of your company’s values being on time? Then recognize people for it. Reinforce what your company stands for by acknowledging and appreciating your people for value alignment. It helps reward the behavior you desire and reinforces it to all employees.

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