5 Ways to Stay Focused Throughout the Workday

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re working remotely or from your employer’s office, we all have the same issues regarding focus and time management throughout the workday. The question is, are you intentional about how you focus and manage your time? 

Here are five proven ways to keep focused so that by the time you reach the end of the day, you will be proud of what you accomplished, and better yet, your team will notice.

Time Block Projects or Similar Tasks

If you’re like me, you live and die by your calendar. Here’s the trick about your calendar: don’t just use it for meetings and appointments—use it for project time! If I have a big project I need to dedicate time to or have many similar tasks that I can group, I put it in my calendar as an appointment. Two ways this benefits us: 1) It protects us from ourselves and others that might toss a last-minute meeting on the calendar, and 2) When we dedicate and schedule time to accomplish a project/task, we’re more likely to complete it. 

Check Email in Intervals 

A significant drain on your time is checking emails, Slack, or text messages as they come into your inbox. That constant interruption throughout the day might give us that hit of dopamine we want, but it keeps us from accomplishing the necessary work. The best way to handle these interruptions is to check them in intervals 3–4 times daily. Treat incoming communication like any project you would set aside time to complete.

Take Breaks

An underrated time management tool is to take breaks throughout the day. When we sit for too long, it doesn’t do our bodies any favors. I know for me, I get fidgety, my focus wanes, and I get less interested in the task at hand if I sit too long. It’s ideal to take short breaks more frequently, such as every hour, to give our body and mind a time to reset. 

Start Your Morning with One Crucial Task

Start your workday with your most challenging or crucial task. An excellent way to address this is to ask yourself: “What one task would I need to complete today for me to consider it a productive day?” When you tackle a challenging or essential task, it sets the tone for the entire day and often rolls into your next project or task. As the author Brian Tracy coined, “Eat That Frog!”

Organize Your Tasks/Notes 

Do you spend a lot of time attempting to recall tasks assigned to you or notes from meetings that you need? Task management tools like Trello, Monday, Smartsheet, Asana, and Todoist are great ways to organize your tasks, set reminders, and log notes for future reference. Get everything out of your head and into a tool to help you get more done!

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